Simple Trello Hack to Supercharge Your Boards

…or how to show labels with text.

#Updated: February 2nd, 2018

I use Trello extensively for many of my projects as well as for personal use. But it has its share of limitations… The biggest reason why I pick Trello most of the time over many other management solutions is its visual appearance. Colors and shapes make it easier to extract information and see whole picture at a glance.

I always hoped for an ability to color lists and cards (“Google Keep” is doing great job at that), but all we got was “Labels”. So, while it’s better than nothing, it is still a bit under cooked. Especially when you have a lot of cards and/or labels.

We can’t change what we are dealt with, but we may just have a couple of cards under our sleeves. So let’s hack away a bit with CSS magic:

  1. Download any CSS-injecting extension from Google Chrome Web store;
  2. Go to your trello board;
  3. Open up the Extension and add the code to CSS section:

Tah-dah! Change the *font-size* if it’s too small/large for your taste.
Now you are squeezing a bit more out of Trello.

P.S. Additionally, you can now use multiple labels of the same color. \m/

Bonus code for minimal color coding:

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