It is all about execution

…that’s totally underrated

As 2010, 2014, 2015, 2020 or whatever, is around the corner people are going to make their New Year’s pledges again.

And yet 99% of them will fail and make the same resolution at the end of 2014 again. I believe that the reason why most people will fail is not because they are not able to do whatever they want to do. Far from it. Often people are much better than they think they are. It is amazing what they can accomplish if they get the opportunity.
So, why do they fail anyway?

It is simply because they won’t even start to fulfill their pledges seriously.

And this behavior doesn’t just occur when it comes to your New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately it also happens in much more important situations. Normally it happens when it is about your personal dream, your passion. It happens exactly when there is a chance to change your life in your favor.

Every time we arrive at such a possible turning point we tend to plan heavily, to think about how to achieve the perfect outcome, and to weigh the probability of this perfect outcome against all the possibilities of failing that could arise.

This is the problem of a good friend of mine. I’m sure he will do great by following his dream to build up his own business. But I’m also sure at the end it won’t look like he is imagining it right now. Everything evolves over time by being influenced by its environment. Target groups change, markets evolve, new technology will come up and new trends arise.

But what differentiates great people from good ones is that the former are able to adapt to changes. They can respond to new environments
and — probably — even find it exciting to do so.

Unfortunately most of them will never find out because by doing all the stuff like to plan, to trade off, to think (ok, sometimes you really should think before doing. But only sometimes ;-)) they forget the most important of all.

To execute. Just do it. Only then you will be able to achieve something. And something is better than nothing. Believe me. No matter what your passion and dream is all about, there is only one rule:

Start executing to make it happen!!!

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