Best 20 Mental Health Apps for 2017

Roman Sukharenko
8 min readFeb 6, 2017


Best 20 Mental Health Apps for 2017 and Their Reviews

There is no denying that 2016 has taken a toll on everybody’s mind, body and soul. It was a year of growth, mind expansion and political feuds on Facebook…it’s true, 2016 brought the best and the very worst of out of everyone.

Although we can’t control the events of 2017, we can definitely control our responses to them. With the rise in mindfulness and the lack of time to practice it, it can be really difficult to take control of your emotions.

This is why we compiled the most extensive list of mental health apps to get you through the year.


Mindbliss brings an algorithm to the table where it remembers your likes, wants and even your needs. You can take journeys that last a few days or work on a specific aspect of your life such as performance or sleep, Mindbliss is sure to take you on a journey, tailored specifically to you!

“Mindbliss Meditations is just the right guide you would want to discover not just better health but also more joy and love in your life”iGeeksBlog


You have probably heard about Headspace from all over the web, but if you are some of the few that haven’t, it truly has the most easy to use interface for all levels of meditation. It offers reminders and notifications to help you along your day and it was one of the first to hit the market.

“Headspace isn’t a hippy-dippy placebo; it’s a straightforward teacher that helps you learn the basics of breathing and visualization associated with secular meditation”Businessinsider


Whether you’re at the gym, on the go, or just have some time to yourself, Buddhify is targeted toward busy urbanites that can’t find time for themselves to think. You can then pick a track “flavour” or style of meditation as well as choose from male or female voices. There’s a two-player meditation mode so you can get someone else involved.

“There are 80 different guided meditation tracks, ranging from five to 30 minutes”Healthline


Training to meditate has never been easier, Calm takes you on a few select journeys that help you build the habit of meditating. If all you have is 2 minutes to meditate than Calm is for you!

“Calm is not ideal for learning meditation, but it is good for catching a few blissful moments to do absolutely nothing”

Stop Breathe & Think

Stop Breathe & Think is a tool to place in your personal development tool box. It is perfect for those who have a hectic life and sometimes just need a second to stop breathe and well, think. You can even input your emotions to better suit your current needs.

“When you’re browsing the app, the practices don’t feel like homework so much as a nice foray into something a little different”

GPS For The Soul

If Arianna huffington if your idol or just a trustworthy source, you can check their app, GPS For The Soul. The free app allows users to measure their stress levels and follow interactive meditation and breathing guides.

“The answer to the problems created by technology is not anti-technology, but rather better technology — technology that works for us, not against us” — PsychologyToday

Smiling Mind

An app that helps the youth manage stress and build resilience. Living in such a hyperconnected era, our children don’t have the point of reference to what disconnection actually feels like, Smiling Mind is the answer for this.

“Introducing meditation and mindfulness techniques to reduce mental health risks now and in the future”


Loaded with best teachers an instructors in the personal development field, Mindvalley’s Omvana is the content enrichment you have been looking for. This is the app that can take your existing practice to newer heights.

“Best of all, the app makes the knowledge of some of the world’s finest sleep engineers accessible to its users”PopSugar

Wildflowers Mindfulness

For those of you that need to see it to believe it, Wildflowers Mindfulness app shows you how your heart-rate changes right after using a certain app.

“like the data recording and the length of the meditations. The visuals are a nice touch and it is more fun to use than other mindfulness apps I have tried”Zparkl

H*nest Meditation

If you are someone that correlates mediation with a Burning Man alumni talking about their chakras and other woo-woo subject, than H*nest Meditation is for you. With a few f bombs here and there, you are sure to raise a peace sign on one hand and a middle finger in the other.

“With a healthy serving of your favorite four-letter words, its guided meditations comfortingly confirm how we really feel when we try to meditate”MindBodyGreen

One-Moment Meditation

If you are a strategic person and believe in making a habit from a 30 day practice, than this 30 day program could be for you. From day 1–30 you are taken on a meditation journey that expands and heals.

“The goal of this 30-day course is to help you find a deep sense of peacefulness in just a moment — anywhere, anytime. The first exercise, however, takes a full minute”

Take a Break!

It’s not enough to step outside for a breathe of fresh air, but it is also important to maximize your time in that break. With the self-explanatory name, you can do just that.

“An app perfectly designed to break up a stressful day. There are two guided meditations — work break and “stress relief.” Corinne


Broken into just 5 different sessions, you are able to better focus on which direction you want your practice to go. If you are confused by meditation all together, this app is for you and will be sure to guide in as little options as possible.

“If you don’t want to select a specific type of meditation, there’s a “Mindfulness Meditation of the Day” button which takes you straight to a session.” — apps and applications


This app is great for those who have solidified their practice and want little to no interruptions. Equanimity helps you track your consistency and effectiveness in your practice.

“The app also features a meditation timer that chimes at set intervals to help you return to your silent practice and refocus your mind.” — iPhoneLife

Deep Relaxation — (Silva Method)

If you have ever tried the Silva Method and want it in a bite sized on-the-go version, make sure to check out their related app, Deep Relaxation.

“Choose the 30-minute deep relaxation track or the 20-minute quick relaxation. Both are led by Laura, who has a lovely, soothing voice.” Forbes


This app helps train your brain in ways that you probably didn’t know were possible, one of which is through games! Contrary to your text-book teachers, studies prove that our brains are more likely to learn when they are fully enagged and alert.

“It also said the games could alleviate the symptoms of dementia, strokes and brain injuries”BBC

Code Blue

Designed for teenagers battling depression or severe anxiety, this app is a serious and helpful app. This app calls on a support group with the touch of a button. If you or someone you know feels that they may benefit from this, it is worth a try!

“The app can also share the user’s location with the support group, and members can indicate that they are on their way to see the user in person.”PsychiatryAdvisor


An that is best to aid with depression, Stabilization of moods, anger issues and the management of anxiety.

“Developer is a reputable mental health organization (The National Center for Telehealth and Technology)” — Psyberguide


If you are starting from scratch and you just want to get to know yourself better, this app could be worth a try. If you think it’s time to break old patterns and need help forming new ones, try Happify.

“Happiness is an essential part of a healthy life style,” NewYorker


Your go-to meditation tracker, fully equipped with trophies, challenges and plenty of incentives for those who can only accomplish things in the face of competition.

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure — What gets measured, Gets managed!”Artofliving