Elective classes

Hi, everyone. Now I will tell you about the elective classes (it will be shortly). What are elective classes? Well, this something additional to our classes, what we had at 3:45 previous week. We could select any elective class we want. I thought that I was bad in knowledge of the U.S.A. and decided to chose Caroline Reel(me teacher of common classes too) “50 States” elective. What I can say? It was amazing. In first lesson, we listen song about names of all states singed by 4-years old Caroline and it was really cute video. I was inspired (without inspiration card). In next lessons, we find out a big quantity of different interesting facts about states of the U.S.A. We explore main differences between states, their laws and features. After this week I now where located big cities, like Las Vegas, New York, Boston, Honolulu. Aslo, I know difference between Washington and Washington, D.C. So, thank you, Caroline :)