Generl view about ESS

Now I wanna talk about general advantages and disadvantages of all camp. From what to start…Disadvantages. Let`s talk about our schedule.

How you can see we have a lot of prayers. For me, their quantity is to big. I think we can spend this time more useful. Also, in this camp almost all people are under 18 years old. But we cannot leave our camp without mentors, even go to shop without them, we must go to bed at 11 0`clock, we must be in time to the breakfest/lunch/dinner, because in other way the door would be simply closed. Can you imagine 20 years old people, who go to bed after bell near 11 o`clock, like in kindergarten? Yey, I understand that they are responsible for us, but we can also be responsible for ourselves. Good. Now I will talk about advantages. I think this camp have them more :) First of all, community are really awesome, you can talk with whoever you want about whatever you want. All people are opened to conversation. You can talk with your teacher like he/she is your old friend. Entertainment program.

Another advantage of this camp. Every day you would have some attractions. For example, we have: “Inspiration parties”, “Leopolis”, “Food Quest”, “Dance Tournament”, “ESSvision”, etc. So, you canno`t worry about positive mood. Also, in schedule we have cool things, like: writting, singing, reading, speaking classes. There you really can improve your English and be funny at the same time.

Our group

You need to talk with your friends in English, without this rule all people just would talk in Ukrainian and this camp would be not so effective. After this two weeks I have a lot of new friends and connections and I think this is a main aim of ESS except learning English. Okey, it was a general view ESS and I hope you enjoy it.