Why I Don’t Use Storyboard
Bob Lee

I do not agree that storyboards are bad. It help to move all design stuff to storyboard, I’m using IBInspectable and XIB that renders at storyboard a lot. It helps me leave viewcontroller class clener instead of bunch of scaffold code. Plus, when you get back to old project you just have to take a look at view and here it’s. If you build entire view from code — you’ll have to spend some or more time to understand it.

Storyboard are good to define small flows of views. Plus, storyboard references are good too. I do not create more than 10 VCs at one storyboard (apr it’s about 5–7). One developer works on some feature which includes 1+ storyboards. 99% one developer has single ownership during feature development.

P.S. Fact that Facebook (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram) and Google do not use storyboards doesn’t mean that it’s right. They just have too many developers ( -> human-hours/resources) to be able to write everything with code.

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