Morning Cacao Recipes & Rituals

Cultivate a relationship with your heart and the medicine of chocolate through this mindful daily practice!

I am so grateful to finally be putting my many thoughts, feelings, recipes and understandings about this sacred plant and practice into the digital physical, bundled with the intention to empower you to do something different, try something new, embark on a fresh path of self-discovery and circulate more energy into your life. I speak from my own experience having created and committed to a morning ceremonial practice for the past year with my husband, and crystal clear to both of us are the positive transformations and higher states of wellness that have come in the process.

I believe whole-heartedly that cultivating a daily ritual to drop into our hearts and connect to the pure stillness within, has profound effects on our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and wider health. And I deeply cherish the ability of Cacao to assist us in opening more, becoming clearer, to experience the sparks of love & joy in our being, and the very real grounding that takes place when we connect with this ancient plant medicine.

To get you started, here are a few of my favorite ways to make a sacred morning Cacao brew. Feel free to adjust & combine whichever ingredients are calling you on the day!

Morning Magic ~ my favorite cacao tonic

30g cacao paste, chopped finely / 1 tsp cinnamon / pinch of cayenne / 1 date / 1 slice ginger / ½–1 drop edible peppermint essential oil / 1 cup just-boiled water (+ if I have Reishi powder, I love adding a tsp too)

Blend dry ingredients to make a ground powder. Add date, ginger, peppermint & hot water, then reblend for 15 seconds until combined & frothy.

Iced Cacao Tonic ~ for hot days or an afternoon pick-up

2 tbsp cacao powder / 1 tsp cinnamon / 1 crushed cardamom pod / pinch of cayenne / maca or lucuma or nutmeg / 1 date or a squeeze of agave/maple syrup / ½ cup plant milk & ½ cup cold water / 2 iceblocks

Pop all ingredients in your blender and whiz on high for 30 seconds.

Medicine Ceremony ~ ceremonial cacao for deep connection and practice

45g cacao paste, chopped finely / 1 tsp cinnamon / pinch of cayennne / 1 cup hot water

Combine in a pot on the stove for a more traditional experience or mix in a blender for a blissfully thick, frothy cup. If sharing in ceremony, you can gently reheat the blended mix on the stove when you’re ready to serve. Always keep on low heat and never let the cacao come to a boil.

Heart Blossoming ~ sweet self love & tenderness

20–30g cacao paste, chopped finely (also optional to add 1 tbsp cacao powder for added richness) / 1 tsp cinnamon / 1 date / ½ tbsp rose petals / 1 crushed cardamom pod / 1 cup hot water or tulsi tea

Blend all ingredients except the date & liquid, so it becomes a ground powder. Add date & boiling water, reblend for 15 seconds until combined & frothy.

While you’re making your wonderful tonic, take your time and look at all the ingredients that are going into making this healing drink for you ~ thank them, smile upon them and sing your love to them. Life is ceremony!

Morning Rituals

Taking the time to create space, make a nourishing tonic and sit down to sip on Cacao is a mindfulness practice in itself. When we strip away all the embellishments, distractions and layers, we see that mindfulness — being present with our own consciousness — is our humanity. And on this level we have the opportunity to experience Truth and to see God (whatever shape that takes for you personally). Ultimately, you don’t need Cacao to make this a powerful ritual — try it with a cup of tea, warm lemon water, or simply fresh water to experiment with what feels and works best for you.

Here is a simple flow of how we go about our morning rituals. I hope it provides an easy framework that you can alter and explore deeper.

Opening Space ~ a way of entering the space or beginning, setting it apart from the everyday & drawing you into sacred time and sacred space. This is important to cleanse yourself of whatever you’re arriving with and to create an empty vessel to fill with the experience of ceremony. Burn incense, smudge with sage or palo santo, take a few deep breaths to center, chant one or three Oms, call in the directions and elements, or simply bring your hands to prayer at your heart and focus on your third eye. Trust whatever you feel you need in that particular moment.

Gratitude ~ expressing gratitude alters your consciousness, changing your perception and awareness of what is truly meaningful and beauty-full. Here you are opening your heart to offer blessings to the world and everything around you. Connecting with the spirit of Cacao, with the Sun, Sky, Earth, Plants, Ancestors, whatever you feel is right, thanking each of them for their presence in your life. Gratitude is a celebration of being alive and receiving the infinite gifts of the Universe.

Intention ~ setting an intention is a way of signalling to consciousness that you’re ready, willing and open for whatever is going to come, and to connect in with your higher self & what you’re truly capable of. Set one for yourself to work with that day by being specific and focused, yet simple and intuitive. Don’t overcomplicate it, just listen to your soul speak. Give it form by saying it out loud, even if you’re alone. Once you’ve called your intention into existence, take your first sip mindfully and bring your awareness to the full sensations of the Cacao/tea/water as it moves through your body ~ delight in the experience of the senses!

Now is a beautiful point to take time for meditation, journalling, chanting or singing, breathwork, stretching, or reading a passage from a book of poetry or something else that inspires you. Take as long as you wish and flow with wherever it takes you.

Closing Space ~ honoring the time, elements and yourself, which all came together to create the experience. Sealing in the intentions set and wisdom gained, in whatever way feels most special to you. Chant Om again, sing a song, bring your hands to prayer and bow to the Earth, or give yourself/loved one a hug. Welcome the mystical unfolding of the day — you’re ready to meet Life with love, compassion and energy!

Cacao in Nature, ultimate grounding & connection

You might notice you don’t need coffee everyday to feel energized, or that you don’t react as quickly to a triggering situation, or that you feel more connected and grounded in your body, providing a sense of stability and compassion. Embrace whatever comes as a result of your practice and allow yourself to grow in new ways!

If you’re interested to know more about working with Cacao, take a peek of my previous article discussing chocolate as medicine and the difference between the powdered form and ceremonial-grade paste.

Thank you so much for taking time out to read this & explore the magic of Cacao ceremony with me. Let me know if you have any questions, feedback or insights you’d like to share ~ I’d love to hear from you! Please give this article a “clap” so it reaches more people who might be inspired to connect with their spirit through Cacao & daily ritual…

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