Raw Pasta Marinara

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go get your hands on a spiralizer & you’ll look at zucchinis and cucumbers in a whole new light. these veggies are so versatile (and filling) it’s amazing. in 2013, my gurl & I pretty much lived off this “pasta” and banana smoothies for a month ~ our fresh introduction to high raw veganism. and although these days I think it’s good to have a bit more plantbased diversity in your meals, I often return to this raw cult classic because it’s so tasty, quick to make & seems way fancier than a salad (even though it’s all the same ingredients).

feed this to your lover or friend and, instead of falling asleep after a big pasta meal, you’ll be brimming with energy and fully satisfied!


zucchini (or try with cucumber)

fresh tomatoes

sun dried tomatoes (preferably oil-free)

bell peppers/capsicum of various colors



scallions/spring onion



black pepper

optional toppings: avocado, sliced mushroom, nooch (nutritional yeast), corn, peas, chopped cucumber.


soak a handful of sun dried tomatoes (about 10 halves) in a cup of hot water for 10mins to soften. roughly chop 2 fresh tomatoes, 3 mini bell peppers (or 1 regular sized) & 2 stalks of scallions.

spiralize 2 medium zucchinis and place the noodles aside in a big bowl, saving the end bits to add to the blender sauce.

in the blender, combine drained sun dried tomatoes, chopped veg, a chunk of ginger, 1 garlic clove, handful of cilantro, a squeeze of half a lime & cracked black pepper ~blend til creamy~

pour sauce over the noodles, topping with extra chopped scallions, cilantro, cracked black pepper and plenty of nooch!

I call this bigass bowl “1 serving”… but for real, it’s important to eat enough when you eat raw, so go for abundance!
yus, I’m in Heaven

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