Awaken Demons

The thing I never wished to stay.

I force myself to sleep and stop all the thoughts in my mind. And wish…next day, I won’t shed tears before I sleep. I won’t dream about the fears and struggles. I won’t feel the loneliness and forget about everything. I hope that all the pain will fade and it will never come back. And for once. I stopped telling everyone to stay. I stopped showing everyone that I am hurting. I stopped saying that I don’t feel okay. Cause I thought that the more that I wanted everyone to stay, the more everyone leave me. That’s how life works. And now, I found myself talking to the girl in the mirror. My forehead creased when I saw the tears and the dark circles around her eyes. The result of her sleepless nights. The pain that stays. The pain that never left. The demons that made her vulnerable. Dragged her down and unavailable to get up.