The tree

We’ll serve our motherland too.

Scavenger Hunt is an activity for a group of people. Usually this game is held to make the members of the group find something in common, get acquainted with each other, and to find out the main types of the people(leaders, workers, lazy bones and etc.).It is High time a sad about the rules: each team gets their map list from the game masters, following the instructions they are to find objects, which are situated somewhere in the building. The main aim is to take photos with the listed objects as fast as it’s possible. During the game, people can find something out about the location and begin to orient there, I might consider, that it was not the only, but the main reason to hold the game.

It is difficult to find someone from we took the bear

The blade

Check the photos. Everything is brilliant. I would like to do it once again. Chinese students are the best players in hide and seek.

The rime

A noble man is to do his best for his friends, but if he has an advantage, he should use it in a limited way, in order to save the honor of the others

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