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Romain Aubert
Dec 10, 2018 · 2 min read

I’ve been doing public relations and community development for the French government. The mission of our team is to position France’s startup ecosystem as one of the top ones. My job is to build relationships with startups, media, corporations, and other governments. I’ve also advised organisations on “public relations and community development.”

Below is a quick note drafted as a job description to help you understand what this is all about.


The PR & Community Development Director acts as a organiser. Their mission is the creation of power for others to use.

“The organizer finds his goal in creation of power for others to use.” — Saul Alinsky

Their role is to put in place a strategy to curate and grow their organisation’s community asset. The director must ensure consistency of vision and value proposition across all of organisation’s activities.

They must establish their organisation as thought leader in their own space.

It is also the role of the Director to act as a product manager for “community product”.

Community is everyone’s role in the organisation but it is the role of its PR & Community Development Director to lead.


Some of the PR & Community Development Director’s actions:

  • connect the organisation with the most prominent figures in their sector (e.g. founders, investors, media, C-levels, etc)
  • generate quality leads (for sales team)
  • generate deal flow (for an investment funds)
  • leverage on the expertise of the community to help the portfolio grow (for VCs)
  • identify potential hires for the HR team
  • identify partnerships opportunities
  • identify content creation opportunities
  • lead Community Product’s strategy and growth
  • place the organisations’ members as speakers at conferences, on TV, etc.


  • Honesty, curiosity, irreverence, imagination, integrity, sense of humour, empathy;
  • Ability to build trust;
  • Active in its respective community;
  • Knowledgeable of respective field;
  • Self-motivated & autonomous;
  • A public speaker and moderator;
  • A story teller and writer;
  • A master at making introductions between people for both personal and professional reasons.
  • A product manager

Romain Aubert

Written by

PR and community development @laFrenchTech — grounded sailor #privacy

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