Chance The Rapper Vs. Frank Ocean: Who Has Had A Better 2016?

2016 has been a superb year for music so far, and as of last week, Chance The Rapper was the clear winner of 2016… But then Frank Ocean happened. Frank made fans and the rest of the world wait almost four whole years before he dropped his follow-up album to Channel ORANGE. Ocean dropped Endless, a visual music video that showcased some new music from Ocean a couple days ago. People did not know if that was the album Ocean was talking about dropping, or if there was another album coming out soon. Endless dropped at the end of last week, and Blonde, Ocean’s true follow-up album to Channel ORANGE dropped Saturday afternoon on Apple Music.

The past 72 hours have been pretty great for Frank Ocean fans. He fulfilled his promise and dropped his highly anticipated sophomore album, plus he gave fans a visual album. Blonde is a masterpiece, and Endless is wonderful as well. It was going to be hard for Frank to follow-up Channel ORANGE, but Blonde and Endless are right up to par with his debut album.

Frank Ocean’s new albums have really lived up to the hype and so has Chance The Rapper’s follow up mixtape Coloring Book, so who has had a better 2016?

Chance The Rapper’s Case

Who doesn’t think Chance The Rapper is dope? EVERYONE KNOWS CHANCE IS DOPE.

Chance followed up Acid Rap, one of the best mixtapes ever with his mixtape Coloring Book, which features basically every notable rap artist in today’s industry. You could listen to the whole mixtape from beginning to end on loop for a whole week. Chance dropped that mixtape in May, and then he recently performed at the ESPY’s in a Muhammed Ali tribute, which was powerful and marvelous.

Chance’s music was also featured in a recent Nike commercial and he just so happens to have one of the best verses of the year on Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam”. Chance has been amazing in 2016 and the year is not even close to over.


Frank Ocean’s Case

Everything is coming up Frank Ocean as of late. Blonde is very dope, and Endless is weird and dope at the same time. I never thought I would be so fascinated by the construction of a staircase. Frank then followed up Endless soon after by dropping Blonde, which is a perfect album. It has contributions from Kanye, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and more. There is even a song on the album where Andre 3000 basically makes you forget for a second that Blonde is a Frank Ocean album because he has one of the best songs on the album.

Ocean also dropped a music video for “Nikes” a little before the album dropped. That video was dope. Ocean also had his own song on Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo called “Frank’s Track”, which is about 30 seconds of magic. Ocean has lived up to the hype in a big way, and he has only made a musical impact in 2016 basically only during the month of August, but like I said before, the year is not close to over.


I do not think we can make that decision right now. Chance The Rapper is still holding the 2016 crown, but the year is still young. Ocean’s album has lived up the hype so far and I think time will decide who wins 2016. Frank Ocean has technically released two albums in one year and one is a visual album, which is pretty dope, but Chance has been everywhere in 2016. Chance has great live performances this year as well, but if Ocean makes his way to SNL anytime soon… Frank might take the victory.

I mean… If Frank and Chance make a song together then they both win 2016. This year has been a dope year for music; Chance and Frank are a big reason why.