Rom-Com Blog Power Rankings: No. 9 “Stuck In Love”

We all have had that feeling after a break-up.. You still have feelings for the other person. It usually does not matter how it ends, it is natural to have feelings for someone you used to love or be so close to. In “Stuck In Love”, the main character is played by Greg Kinnear and he is a divorced writer that still loves his ex-wife, who left him for a younger man. He legit LOVEESSS his wife and even spies on her even though they are not together anymore. They had two kids together and both are completely different.

Nat Wolff (the son) is a hopeless romantic just trying to find his way and his daughter played by Lily Collins is all about the hookup culture. While Wolff and Collins are experiencing their different ideologies behind love, Kinnear starts having an affair with a younger women (Kristin Bell) who is married. Although, Kinnear is still madly in love with his wife and he wishes she would come back.

Wolff is not a cool kid in high school and he is trying to get his writing published like his dad. He ends up attending a party and punches a popular girl’s boyfriend because he pushed her, and this sparked the relationship between him and her. Meanwhile, Collins started to buy in to the idea of a relationship and not just having a one-night-stand. She met a guy who truly tried to make her happy and did not care about sleeping with her. She gave him a chance once she realized that he truly just cared for her.

Lily Collins grew the most in this movie because she started the movie as a girl who just wanted to be a part of hookup culture, but ended the movie as a woman that wanted to call someone her own. She started to care about another person outside of her family and it took a special person to prove to her that relationships are worth it. That is the thing about this movie, special people can change your outlook on love entirely. Kinnear was “stuck” in love with his ex-wife and he was never ready to move on. This movie had everything from love, to heartbreak, to death, to infidelity, which is why it was such a powerful rom-com.

“Stuck In Love” also teaches you to take a chance on love. Really say fuck it and take chance. See it out. If he/she keeps turning you down, but you think he/she is one, then take a chance, make that person believe that you want them and that you want to be with them. “Take A Chance” is another great movie title idea! Jeez, I got to start writing these down and make some phone calls.

“Stuck In Love” is a freakishly realistic rom-com with a little bit of everything.