The Unrealistic, Yet Realistic “Ruby Sparks”

Obviously, I am very late to, the “Ruby Sparks” party (came out in 2012), but in my defense, no one invited me. This move did not get a lot of national attention and I do not even think it was released to all theaters, which is probably why I missed it. Also, the plot on the IMDB page does really made me disinterested in the movie because I thought it was going to be so unrealistic, which it was. But… It was also very realistic at the same damn time (FUTURE).

So, the main character (Paul Dano) is a former well-known author who is struggling with writer's block (not real). His girlfriend left him soon after his dad passed away and he has not been the same since. He keeps having these odd dreams about a fantasy girl, who he starts to write about… then she comes to life! Like real life, this is when I got pissed because I knew it was not realistic, but down the road things got interesting.

He tried to make her do what he wanted when things were not going great. He had power over her through writing, but in the end the movie portrays the message that you cannot make people conform for you. You cannot make people the perfect fit for you even if you have control. That is a realistic message that I liked, but I was not a big fan of the movie.

Zoe Kazan is a good rom-com actress and I did like her in this particular film because she was outgoing while Dano was awkward and timid. Kazan is a big reason why this movie is liked by a lot of people, I just was not sold on all the parts of the movie or all the performances. I do not think I laughed more than once.

It was a dramatic romance that was unrealistic, yet realistic at the same damn time (CUE FUTURE)