Why Traffic Is Dope

Wait.. what?!!

I know I know, it sounds crazy, but being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic can actually be pretty awesome and dope. If you have nowhere to be and you are in no rush, then I want you to actually take advantage of the beautiful craziness that is known as traffic.

Catch up on podcasts, listen to whole albums, think about future ideas, make a to-do list in your head for the week, call your friends to catch up, or just sit in silence and relax. Traffic puts you in a spot that you might not be in a lot. You are powerless and have no control when you are stuck in traffic that is not moving. When are you ever in a situation when you cannot do something? Traffic is the perfect time to unwind, think, or catch up with your family/friends.

I listened to Frank Ocean’s brand new album, and his new visual album all in one traffic session. It was pretty sweet.

Take advantage of traffic. Listen to your favorite podcasts, give that album a full listen or a second listen, or simply call someone that you have not talked to in a while. Traffic is a word that no one loves to hear, but being in traffic and not having to be somewhere at a certain time is actually extremely soothing and dope.

Next time you are in traffic and you are in no rush, try to enjoy it and embrace something that is completely out of your control and accept it.