Practise makes perfect

It’s all about taking the faithful leap into doing something you have not tried.

Dissimilarities scares an individual, often, because of the unwillingness to get out of one’s comfort zone.

However, one need not to be proficient in something in a short period of time and it just requires patience to be adept at something you do.

Practise is the key into making something you are poor at, to be something you are good at.

In the “10,000 hour rule”, in just emphasizes no one starts out in being proficient at something and even the most talented individuals put in a huge amount of dedicated amount of time to be good at what they are doing. Though it is true that individual talents and aptitude do varies because we are different after all… it still requires consistency and dedication at the individual level.

Often, we just need to take the small step into something bigger.

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