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Before you can experience authentic Spanish tapas, piazzas in Rome or rooftop terraces in Prague, an important to-do list stands between you and your European vacation. Same goes in Luxembourg. Although considered one of the smallest countries in Europe, certain preparations are needed to complete your travel in the Grand Duchy. Balmoral International Group can help you with pointers.

  1. Get your Documents In Order.

If you don’t have a passport, it will take four to six weeks from the time of application for you to receive one. If you already have a passport, check its expiration date. The last thing you need is to find out your passport has expired while you’re in line at airport check-in.

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2. Establish a Budget.

It’s important to establish a budget as early as possible — even before you know your destination, travel dates or itinerary. Some destinations are generally cheaper than others, but there are ways to save everywhere: travel in the off-season, pick budget accommodations, and plan a shorter trip. Luxembourg has a lot of wonderful places so you might want to review you budget.

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3. Pick a Destination.

Pick someplace timely. Visit cities’ tourism Web sites and search for seasonal events like festivals or local holidays (which you may want to either avoid or join, depending on how you feel about crowds).

4. Create a Rough Itinerary.

You’ll want to sketch out a day-by-day itinerary of your perfect trip to France before you book a thing. Research sites and cities you really want to explore, and then figure out which ones you have the time and budget to get to. The Grand Duchy has a lot of experiences to offer and you would want to list that down before you get confused with all the activities you might encounter.

5. Pack.

Instead of packing the day before your trip, start thinking about what you’ll need to bring at least a week before you leave. Plus, experienced travellers know that the chance of forgetting something essential increases the longer one puts off packing. (It’s only a matter of time until a scientific study confirms this.) About a week before departure day, put together a packing list, and takes a look at your suitcase to make sure its wheels work and everything’s going to fit.

Balmoral International Group would want you to have a safe and healthy travel. Take these tips into consideration and enjoy your trip!

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