Brand Yourself…

You Are a Brand

Just like business enterprises and cooperate organization, every human being is a brand. The same way business owners protect and try to paint a good image of their brand, every individual should protect their name.

The way you speak, the things you share on social media, the way you dress and your attitude as a whole represents what you stand for; they are the things that make up your brand. The same way people hear about a particular manufacturer or service provider, and decide whether to patronize them or not, that is the same way people judge and create an image of your personality from every single thing they hear, read or learn about you.

To protect your name, you have to first start by thinking of yourself as a brand, and your attitude and presentation of yourself, as your unique promise of value. Your personal brand is a combination of your interests, beliefs, ethos, values, skills and talents, and every other characteristic you are known for. It is important to note that it is not just about what you think of yourself, but what people think about you.

For instance, when people say, “Oh Romero, he is such a diligent worker, he is amazing, fun to be with, and always willing to help others,” the people who listen to these words would immediately start forming their own perception of Romero.

Now that you know that you are a brand, it is very important for you to be your own brand manager. To manage your brand entails being the one to determine what people would think about you, and to do this, you have to learn how to Brand Yourself.

Brand Yourself…

This piece will give you some lead way on how to create a unique brand for yourself.

  • Run a Background Check on Yourself

Firstly, you need to run a background check on yourself. You have to do this diligently, the same way an employer would run a background check on you before they employ you. Start by typing in your name on Google, and see what pops up. Most times, you will be able to control the narrative by deleting some accounts, pictures, posts and information you are not proud of; things that do not portray the kind of image you want to create about yourself. Make sure you control your brand, especially on the first two pages Google brings up, because most people do not go beyond those two pages.

  • Appearance Matters

It is often said that the way you dress determines the way people will address you. However, dressing in this case surpasses the fabrics you put on as clothes. It includes your attitude and the way you conduct yourself, which determines people’s perception of you. These things constitute your personality, and they are the factors that will either draw people to you, or make them to start avoiding you.

  • Be On Social Media.

In today’s world, social media has become a veritable tool which anyone who wants to build a brand cannot do without. In fact, I can boldly say that every human being in 2017 just has to be on social media, because if you are not, the world will move forward and leave you behind.

To create a unique personal brand, you need to be on social media, and use that platform to present yourself the way you want people to see you. You have to take advantage of any of the social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. and build a respectable presence, which will paint a beautiful image of who you are. You do not necessarily need to be on all these social media, you can just choose any two or three which appeal to you the most.

When you have created these accounts, you have to be careful about what you share on there because social media can either make or mar you. Each time you want to share a post, think over it and ask yourself, “What would this post speak of me? How can it be of benefit to my friends and followers? What would it make people think of me? Is this worth sharing?” The answers you provide to these questions would determine if you should hit the “publish” button or not, because once you send any post out there, you won’t have total control over it any longer. Even if you delete them later, the damage may have been done already because you wouldn’t know who must have read, saved or made a screenshot of the post.

  • Build Your Own Website/Blog.

These days, one of the easiest ways companies, individuals and cooperate organizations gather information about a person is by “Googling” their name. When they search for your name on Google, some information will surely pop up, but the main question is, what kind of information would it be, and who put those information online?

To create your unique brand, you need to own a personal website or blog, where you will be the one to control the narrative. Owning a personal blog hosted with your name as the domain name is one of the best ways to represent yourself online, showcase your skills and expertise, and display who you are and what you represent. Your personal website should provide enough information about you that will “sell your brand”. You won’t necessarily need to update it every day; you can choose to update the blog weekly, biweekly, monthly or any interval that suits you, but you have to be consistent in doing it.

  • Choose Your Social Circle Wisely

It is often said that birds of a feather flock together. It therefore follows that people will always judge you by the kind of friends you hang out with. If you think that the lifestyle of some people in your inner circle is not credible, and you don’t want people to think that you behave the same way they do, all you need to do is cut those friends off from your life. Choose your friends wisely, and make sure you only associate with people whose character will not put a dent on your image.

  • Networking is Key

When like minds walk together, they share ideas and experiences that would benefit them all. Because of this, it is important that you network with like minds. You can learn from their experiences and wealth of knowledge, and also gain motivation from them. Both on the internet and offline try to hook up with like minds. Online, you can find them by participating in group chats with people with common interests. Offline, you can also meet them by attending events, seminars and hangouts.

  • Advertise Yourself.

Brands understand that if they do not advertise themselves consistently, their business will suffer low patronage; that is the reason why they spend huge amounts of money on adverts, promotions and campaigns. This is also applicable to you! Before you decided to create your own unique brand, there must be a skill, profession, talent or expertise you have, which you want people to know you with. Take opportunity of the image you’ve created, and flaunt your skills modestly. Make people know about what you do, and how good you are at it. Show off your work, and do it in such a way that it would attract customers and clients, and not just intimidate others. In all of these, modesty is key; don’t brag too much, but always put out your best products to attract patronage to your unique brand.

Now that you have read this, it is time to take the initiative and create a unique brand that will outlive you!