Credit: Meanterm Inc., “The Clocks”

Will working 9–5 still hold its value?

You finally have done it… you finally succeeded on landing that dream job. The 9–5 that you have been craving since you got out of school, but do you honestly feel like that will be enough time to be successful and meet those goals you promised your new employer?

You’re thinking that your initial set of goals will probably consist of meeting all of your new co-workers, finding out where the restroom is, who you will be having lunch with, etc. Honestly, will those things matter to the room full of managers,your boss, your boss’s boss and so on? You may want to make your mentality heading into your new workplace “What kind of goals can I set for myself in order to make myself stand out.” You can become the cog that makes the machine work or become the cog that when taken out makes the machine no longer run.

Figuratively speaking the notation of wanting to work a 9–5 is a BIG speed bump you can place on yourself. Do you believe that once you leave the workplace at 5 o‘clock on the dot you may or may not want to forget about work? I am not asking anyone to become an introvert. I am not saying you should become a workaholic either. What I am asking is for you to take that baby step and try to master your craft outside of that block of time. Obviously not for your bosses or the company.. but for yourself.

Make your days off truly your days off, but Monday-Friday (or X amount of days strung together that you do work) work hard the 9–5 and spurts of time when you are out of the office. Again this does not necessarily mean to take that month long project back home and work on it some more. This means that you learn what you could not figure out in the office outside of the office.

For all of my accountants and number crunchers, this may mean to learn that formula you used x amount of times today by heart. To all of my social media and content creators (physical and non-physical)this means watching a tutorial so you can learn a new artistic skill.To all of my programmers this may mean to create an algorithm that takes care of those nuisance calculations you were making all day today. Today is the keyword, today means that you are not leaving this until tomorrow, jotting it down on your to-do list for another time, or even asking someone to help you with it on their time.

You have heard this story before… about Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Systrom & Krieger, the combination of Williams, Glass, Stone and Dorsey. None of those personas had a “day off” and I feel like I know what you are thinking as you are reading this, that I am asking you to reach for the stars. In reality there is nothing special about waking up at 3am to create something out of nothing. There is nothing special about you watching YouTube videos about a new skill you want to learn while showering. There is nothing special about letting your phone hit your face because you were dozing off finger typing away an article for your new blog.

What is special is that you are breaking the mold, stepping outside that routine you pictured yourself “wanting”. Once you find that the 9–5 dream is actually hindering/suppressing your natural ability to create, learn and study you will realize that those words are the magic everyone yearns.