This is what causes the covid-19 test results to be incorrect? What’s going on?

Through this government and private hospitals are robbing the money’s of the people!

A PCR test was conducted on all the family members of an elderly man in Coimbatore who died due to covid-19.At the end of the test everyone is said to be infected.

The door to the house was sealed off after the test confirmed that everyone was infected.After this it came to be negative when everyone in that house tested corona at another place.Following this, the depressed family condemned the Coimbatore corporation and put up a sign in front of the house saying that we do not have corona.

This is not just an incident, there have been many incidents in recent times.It is in this context that some researchers claim that PCR experiments tell the truth or not.

The grip of the corona virus in India is tightening day by day,Especially after all the people in India returned to normal life the impact of the disease started to infect 90 thousand people a day.

We need to keep in mind that India continues to be at the forefront of the spread of the virus internationally.People are shocked to see that some glitches are going on in those PCR instruments in the midst of the fact that the Corono test can be accurately detected by PCR instruments.

When a PCR test is performed on a person who has recovered from the corona the dead viruses of the corona virus are taken for testing.The hot topic of the researchers is that the test results may show that he is false positive.In the current practice, if you look at the corona test, the results will be yes or no.

Usually a PCR test is done on a person who have infect corona the test shows he is positive. This is common.There will be dead cells in the body of someone who has suffered and recovered from the corona.

Then when he gets the PCR test again Dead viruses are taken into account tells he has corona virus.Researchers call this the False Positive.

In many parts of the world, such as India, the lack of awareness of False Positiveness can lead to re-infection of even those who have recovered from a corona.

If the test concludes that a person has a defect without a corona, he will be isolated unnecessarily and thus he becomes depressed.

media and government and private hospitals do not tell the truth about the dead Corona virus’s cells are false positive.

By doing so they isolate them so that they have defeat again and rob them of medical expenses money.

UK professor karl henagan say accurate numbers can be found if false positive people remove from corona lists.

A study was conducted in the UK. Professor karl henagan, one of the researchers, puts forward a solution. Whic was Instead of showing yes or no to the corona virus infection during the test, it is possible to know the status of the wind by placing a cut-off point.

He says that if this is done, the test will not show that the less volume of virus is positive.

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