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Cancer can be treated by surgery chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy (including immunotherapy, such as monoclonal antibody therapy). The choice of treatment depends on the location and grade of the tumor and the stage of the disease and the general state of the patient (quality yield). A number of experimental cancer treatments are also under development.

Complete removal of the cancer without damage to the rest of the body (that is, to effect cure of the adverse effects of near zero) is the ideal goal of treatment and the aim is often in practice. Sometimes the operation can be performed, but malignancy, invasion of adjacent tissue or to spread to distant sites by microscopic metastasis often limits its effectiveness; chemotherapy and radiotherapy may have a negative effect on normal cells.

Therefore cured by no negligible adverse effects may be accepted as practical purpose in certain cases; and otherwise curative practical treatment goals may include (1) inhibition of tumor stock subclinical and maintaining this state for years quality of life (i.e., the treatment of cancer of chronic disease) and (2) palliative without the intention to treat (advanced tumor stage metastatic cancers).

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