20 facts I found out about myself

This July I spend in Worcester, city on SW of Birmingham, UK. In my summer job (in factory producing nutrition) I have a lot of time of thinking about myself. And these things I found out on myself. I accept them. I wish you, can realize your inner world.

  1. Afraid of roll coasters. Sometimes.

2. I can’t sit and do nothing. Impossible for me.

3. I’m obsessed by green things (avocado, leaves, tea…)

4. Always asking and answering myself. Such a little interview.

5. I already have names for my “future babies”. The both of them you can find in Bible, but that isn’t intention.

6. Love thunderstorms.

7. About month ago I had problem with eye contact. When I was talking with somebody, was too hard to keep eyes contact. Now I study many different shades of eyes colour.

8. Sometimes, I’m not sure with my grammar. Forgive me some mistakes, please.

9. I imagine some situations again and again. Happy, sad, confused. Whatever.

10. I’m making alternative ways for sure.

11. Want to try be a vegan for a while.

12. and I wanna absolve FEG terapy (Fast-Effective-Gently).

13. Love abandoned places.

14. drawing lotus or any other flowers with mandala signs.

15. I would like to take a tattoo.

16. I love minimalism and organized chaos. Maybe combination both.

17. I’m definetly libra (zodiac). I consider myself to be diplomatic, creative, indecisive and crazy.

18. Would like to absolve course of acupressure and massages.

19. Czech woods. ❤

20. Whatever is bad or good on me, still it’s me.