Ugh, all the interviews just left so much to be desired.
Triple Oxer

Are we sure they “won’t” work more hours? There may not be more hours available (i.e. it doesn’t matter how many hours I’m willing to be at my desk if that doesn’t line up with how many hours my employer is willing to pay me for.)

It’s hard to know what to make of “quitting their jobs” to work at Walmart, especially since it sounds like she also used to be a student; at a guess, they were probably juggling several part-time jobs and gigs, and eventually those came into conflict. They would have stuck with Walmart either because it was the one with the highest hourly pay ($10/hr is good for Arizona retail), or because they saw a chance for advancement, or because it’s where they get their health insurance. I’m guessing they each work around 30 hours a week, (I’m figuring their “income” figure is take-home pay) partly based on Matt’s comment that if he picks up a second job, which he wants to do, they won’t ever see each other (I doubt their shifts line up).

Obviously, I’m making a lot of assumptions here, but I’m making those based on the struggles of friends of mine who have worked at places like Walmart. I could be way off base.

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