I’m not sure why you are introducing the stock market into this because it isn’t in any way…
Jim Roye

I’m not sure why you are introducing the stock market into this

because it’s a market which is pretty efficient which most people are familiar with, although perhaps not in detail. (Warren Buffet is, of course, sometimes a direct investor who does directly buy into companies rather than going through the aftermarket, just as people who buy stock during IPOs are buying directly from companies, and employees who receive stock as compensation are in a direct transaction with the company.) It resembles neither the current health marketplace nor what we had before Obamacare nor what the House has just proposed.

I’m not arguing in favor of whatever you think I’m arguing in favor of. I’m stating that the current Republican healthcare bill is transparently unlike the kind of bill you’d write if you believed it was possible to bring down healthcare costs through expanded free-market competition. In that case, what you’d write would resemble something like what you’ve proposed (with scrapped employer coverage), which is quite clever. Essentially, I’m saying in the politest, gentlest possible way:

There isn’t ANY politician that is serious about fixing health care. And to be 100% honest, most people in general aren’t serious about fixing it.

It’d be nice to see more seriousness. Instead, so far we’ve gotten a stimulus spending bill from the Democrats and a mondo tax cut from the Republicans. Disappointing.