It’s Curtains For Me
Nicole Dieker

My husband has a tendency to compare himself to memories of his (much beloved) father at the same age, and although my husband is very stylish, his dad was more stylish. This is not just his memory. I have seen the photos.

Consequently, I have to remind my husband on a regular basis that if we could give his same-age dad a thousand dollars, he would use it to buy clothes and cologne and haircuts, whereas my stylish husband who does love clothes would nevertheless always choose to spend that money on electronics. “Here, husband, is a thousand dollars for a new suit.” “No, I shall purchase audio equipment and computer peripherals.” <-conversation that has happened repeatedly.

Which is a long way of saying it’s wonderful that you know what you enjoy and can roll with it. I’m still trying to figure that out for myself. What I inevitably want most is to pay down debt faster; yet at some point I will be rid of the debt, and building up savings, while useful like curtains, doesn’t give me the same buzz of joy.

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