Making Life Happen

About a year and a half ago I was just scrolling through Facebook and I started to feel frustrated, how come everyone seems to have such and amazing life and I don’t?

I’m a psychology student and a forever believer on thriving, self help and self improvement. So everytime I see a little issue in life, I completely get into it, I analyze it, I investigate, I think about it, until I come up with a reasonable theory or solution. Of course this thought and frustration was not the exception.

I kept of thinking, I have a lot of good thing going on in my life, then how come it feels so boring, so uneventful. I saw these pictures of friends on a trip, kayaking or just having a great time in a concert or a party. How come my days go by and the the most interesting thing is my cats doing something funny. How come I don’t have all these amazing pictures of amazing moments?

I thought a lot about this, analyzed it and I finally got an answer, I’m not making those moments, I’m not creating those memories. Why don’t I have cool pictures of parties? Simple, I don’t take them. Why I’m not having a nice experience kayaking? Simple, I haven’t look into it.

I found it is as simple as that, my life seems boring because I’m not doing anything to make it awesome.

We expect for those magical moments to just happen. We are taught in movies and TV that you live your life and then, suddenly an adventures is in the other side of the street. But I have learned that is not true, we actually have to take action, create moments, create a little magic in our lives.

After realizing that I started taking more pictures, going out more, planning an adventure (even if it is just a tiny adventure like going to the museum), planning new activities. The result was amazing, I started to feel happier, even my marriage improved. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but my relationship with my husband changed.

I’m not going to say that then I lived my happily ever after, because that’s not true. After sometime I forgot that valuable lesson, I became stressed trying to figure out life and I forgot that I’m the one that make things happen. Today I remembered again, it took just a simple visit to the museum to remember that. I hope I don’t forget again really soon… Wish me luck!