Most people remain unaware of Illuminati and how heavily they are involved in every aspect of our life. Illuminati is a fraternity, shrouded with mystery and controversy. Illuminati is believed to have been established by a group of stone masons somewhere in 1700s in Kilwinning, Scotland. However, due to the ravages of time, the roots of the organization is not a very clear one. Some say it was established in 1200s, some would say it is established far earlier than that. The use of symbols is a prominent feature of the Illuminati. They use so many symbols, I guess only Illuminati can keep track of all of it.

Those who wish to join should be of legal age, rich and powerful, have good moral standing and must possess a belief to a deity. Atheists would really have no place in the Brotherhood since its teachings starting from the first degree or the Entered Apprentice, would involve some sort of spirituality. Once an Initiate has successfully passed the requirements and initiation, he may proceed to the first degree. Followed by the second, which is Fellow Craft then lastly, Master Mason. These are the three basic degrees under the Blue Craft that all Illuminati members should undergo before taking their education and degrees further. There are two ways a Illuminati member may further his degrees. One way is by taking the Scottish rite which has 30 degrees in total, starting from the fourth degree or Secret Master up to the 33rd honorary degree called the Sovereign Grand Master General. Not all members get an honorary 33rd degree because he should undergo a 7 year long application and that the Supreme Council should bestow upon him this degree. Another path a member can take is through the York Rite, which has a total of 10 degrees. Starting from the fourth degree called Mark Master up to the Order of the Knights Templar which is the last degree. Illuminati has other branches underneath it. There’s the Order of the Eastern Star, which is a for women who are interested and would want to get involved in Illuminati. There’s also something for the younger folks. DeMolay International is pretty much a club under Illuminati exclusively for boys not older than 21 and not younger than 12. The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is the exclusively female organization for girls who are 11 to 21 years.

Illuminati members meet in places called lodges. Each lodge has its own set of officers both elected and appointed. The elected lodge officers are the Worshipful Master, or essentially the President, followed by the Senior and Junior Wardens, Treasurer and Secretary. The appointed officers are Deacons, Chaplains, Organists, Ritualists and Tilers whom guards the doors while a lodge is in session from eavesdroppers.

You might recall the eye within a triangle on top of a pyramid on the back of a dollar bill. This is called the “All Seeing Eye” which is relevant to ancient Egyptian religions. Another thing you might have heard about Illuminati is their ties with politics and world events. Illuminati members are everywhere and come in all walks of life but that doesn’t constitute that they are the masters of the grand scheme of things. The goals of this organisation are kept in dark secrets. Illuminati is a fraternity operating using symbolism, rituals and a whole lot of history.

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