Are you really Growth Hacking?

A question I hear often is, “But are you/we actually growth hacking?”

There is a thought that one has to have found a business accelerator, doubled-down on it and have seen 10X growth to be considered a true Growth Hacker. I don’t think this is true. In fact, not only do I think this thinking is flawed, I think it is harmful. Consider this equation:

Consistent small wins over time count

In short, if you improve your business by half a percent every day of the year, you have can improve your business by over 600%. If you ask me, Growth isn’t about the big wins, it’s about the grind — the persistence. I.e., consistently grinding out those micro-wins.

Think about it this way: If an archeologist never finds Atlantis, does that mean he/she is not an archeologist? If a researcher doesn’t cure cancer, does that mean he/she is no longer a researcher? Of course not.

It’s the mindset. The regular application of skill. The dedication. All of this is what makes a Growth Hacker. Finding a growth hack is like finding a unicorn. Most people won’t find a unicorn — but if they keep at it, they’ll find a bunch of other things that when they are put all together, equates to meaningful progress.

This does not mean to stop hunting unicorns. All I’m saying is don’t discount the progress you’ve made if you never capture one. It all counts. Keep at it.

Happy Hacking!

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