Invest in Sleeping

Why sleeping is part of the job

May 16, 2017 · 2 min read
photo by me

When founders receive funding, part of the money goes to new hires, equipment, office space and other cool things. This happens because founders think these things might create a better working environment.

However, founders should also spend time and money in therapy, a life or executive coach, meditation, yoga or whatever helps you to sleep better at the end of the day.

The ROI of good sleeping is great and for that reason I think it is an investment. A good sleep brings productivity and creativity which are essential to boost a startup’s growth and to thrive in difficult times.

When founders of our portfolio can’t sleep and ask us for advice we encourage them to hire a life or executive coach and have their startup pay for it.

The earlier in a life of a startup the more important the founders are to its success. Most of the early-stage investors invest in people. So it is pretty much an obligation to take care of yourself if you receive funding.

Founder burnout is the most serious threat to a startup. Protect yourself from burnout like you would protect your servers, database or premises from hackers or burglars.


If you or a founder you know need coaching, refer them to us . We know people that are really good and are specialized in startups founders.

Sergio Romo

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I write essays about tech, startups, venture capital and my life. twitter: @sromo16 . I also like photography a lot.

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