Today I celebrate my 1 year anniversary at Walker & Company

Diversity has made me a better person

Today marks my one year anniversary at Walker & Company. In startup years, that’s like 4 years; longer due to the number of wins we’ve had, not due to fatigue.

But I’m not going to talk about business wins — you can find that info over the web.

I’m going to talk about my personal wins. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve grown a lot.

I’ve become a better person.

In the past, I’ve always thought to be cultured, one must visit other countries, or at the very least, become accustomed to their foods.

Recently, I’ve learned that there are other ways, too. Working at Walker & Company where diversity is highly valued, it never crossed my mind that I could become more cultured simply by coming in to work each day.

The Walker & Company family is 20 people deep. Of these 20, 10 are women and 10 are men. Even more, we’re Black, Asian, Latina, and White. When I say Black, I don’t mean just African American. When I say Asian, I don’t mean just East Asian. And, when I say White, I don’t mean someone whose origins start and stop in America. The cultural diversity runs deep here, and we’re proud of it.

It has opened my eyes.

Growing up I lived in Richmond, CA where most of my friends were people of color. My friends had the sweetest parents (or parent). They’d welcome me in and make me feel at home. I wasn’t getting invited to their kids extravagent birthday parties because those kinds of parties didn’t exist. They did, however, invite me to bible study. :)

Others at Walker & Company share a very similar story — people of color coming from humble beginnings, somehow finding a way out just like I did. Through hard work, tenacity, prayers and a little bit of luck, they’ve been given a chance to change things for their children.

Sadly, I’ve worked in the tech industry for some time now and it’s been predominantly led by white and asian men.

People in this industry — you are missing out on human enrichment.

I can proudly say that the people I work with are amazing. They are sweet. They are kind. And they are some of the smartest people I know.

In the last year, I’ve learned a little more about how to run a killer CS team; how to keep the office running smoothly; how to push forward on marketing, brand and partnerships; better ways in constructing creative content; how to hire talent; and soon I’ll be getting schooled on all things accounting and finance. I’ve also learned a thing or two on what it takes to build a world class company.

A year ago, if you asked me what I wanted to achieve in my first year at Walker & Company, I would have said to grow as a product manager.

Today, if you asked me what actually happened, I’d tell you…

I grew as a person.