Photoset: Elevant, Honeyspider, Black Pudding and Federãles at the Packhorse, 23/03/2017

Being back at the Packhorse for an evening was nice; I spent many a Friday night here a couple years back at Leeds Uni’s Rock Soc socials so to return after a time away was a nice treat. This was the first time I’ve shot at the Packhorse - with it being a smaller venue, it provided a few challenges in terms of lighting, but it wasn’t as bad as I feared and I’m pleased with how the photos have turned out.

It was great to see these upcoming Northern bands all put on a great show and I’d recommend you check all of them out live if you get the chance. Now without further ado or any more long-winded preamble, here are some of my favourite pictures from the evening.

Black Pudding