RON’s great early investor, Patron Coinners,influencers and partners,And to those of you who still continue to cheer for us.

Appreciate your kindness. It’s Hisaya, RON and PATRON founders, and is the only person responsible for all the businesses that the Baganza Group has.

Now, RON originally planned to proceed with the IEO on the major exchange as planned, but as it was a better opportunity in Shanghai, we decided to cancel the IEO.

If the IEO conducts a token sale, it will be necessary to cover the amount of the token sale since it will be sold after listing.
If you do not it’ll definitely be right decision for the holder or user since only a certain number of tokens are supplied, plus only initial investors with conditions such as lockups and stakes.

Everyone knows what the virtual currency market is like after four and a half hours of direct talks as a CEO of the world’s largest virtual currency exchange.

The proposal received from the CEO was to be listed on a total of five exchanges, including a huge exchange.
In this case, I learned that it is possible to push the RON coins to the top 50 because there are no people selling them when they are newly listed, prices are always rising, distribution is small, and distribution is set to a level.

Therefore, after listing, it was promised that if business was released, the essential prices would rise as the business grew.

IR(listing announcement)cannot be notified until it is released from the exchange, but the date of listing has already been decided, making it the largest news ever in the history of RON and PATRON.

RON official site

RON white paper VER. 2.5

We will work to become a virtual currency representing Japan.
We’ll win.

Please wait for IR.

Sincerely, Atsushi Hisatsui.

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Top project by Japanese people.Creating a next-generation service through influencers and giving every single person on the planet an equal chance to be success

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