Virtual currency debit card [RON] launches technical partnership for the introduction of side-chain technology.

EXTRAVAGANZA INTERNATIONAL,INC.(The head office:Delaware,United State,CEO: Atsushi Hisatsui)that develop applications related to influencers and marketing support for company.
The new project has launched a technology alliance to introduce side chain technologies.

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Side chain technique allowing processing such as transmission/reception and exchange transactions in the same format by interconnect different block chains, such as bitcoins and Elliams, to convert them into cryptographic assets that can be handled on a single protocol.
also possible to operate with a unique algorithm that provides authorization criteria such as allowing or denying connections to external block chains due to legal and industry requirements.

Users can use crypto assets more safely and easily in the real world by introducing side chain technologies with a wallet app that works with virtual currency debit card “RON” and enabling transactions on different currencies and block chains.

Yuta Hoshino, who produces HAZAMA, has join “RON “as a technical adviser.

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