Dear Tom Perez:
Val Perry

Actually, it’s our Party, which was hijacked by you lot about 30 years ago. You chased corporate sponsorship, and willingly jettisoned any policy that actually made you progressive, for cash. We’re taking the party back, and I’ll tell you exactly how that’ll go down, and there is fuck all you can do about it.

We’re going to select Democrats in leadership who aggressively market our policies to corporations for campaign cash. The Insurance and Pharma lobby money you get for ratfucking the Democratic rank and file into believing that single payer isn’t possible. The Banking money you get in recompense for ratfucking the Democratic base into believing that public college can’t be considered. The Wall St money you get for ratfucking the voters into believing that tighter regulation on investment houses is a bad idea.

Every penny will be pointed out and shown as the reason why you’ve sold out the progressive policies that the overwhelming majority of Democrats share. And we’re going to primary those scumbags. And we’re going to win some of those contests.

And the rest of the career corrupt corporatist Democrats who make up the Congressional and Senate Caucuses will take notice. And they won’t want to be primaried. So they will start embracing progressive policies again.

At first, they’ll only pretend. But when their actions don’t match their rhetoric, we’ll primary them too. and before you know it, the most dyed in the wood corporate stooge will be singing the praises of Single Payer Healthcare, because re-election is more important than anything.

We’re going to make taking dirty money in exchange for back-burnering progressive policy goals a net negative to their campaigns. And once they realize that cash is now hurting them instead of helping them, they will stop taking it.

And then we’re going after the Heart of Clintonian Democratic strategy. We’re going to go after campaign financing. We’re going to cut off the spigot. And once Congress Critters aren’t taking the money anyway, for fear of a primary, they’ll be more ready to ban it.

We’re taking our Party back, Val. You had it, and you fucked it up.

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