I’ll do you one better: since you clearly don’t know what victim blaming is, and I do, I’ve looked…
Poison Ivy

And as I’ve very patiently pointed out, I’ve neither excused Whedon for his behavior toward his spouse, nor have I blamed her for that behavior. Therefore, no victim blaming has occurred. Your accusation here is misplaced.

But please feel free to advertise your own brand of gender-contempt, since, clearly, as a man, I’m obviously engaging in victim blaming, even though I’ve placed zero responsibility for Whedon’s behavior on Cole in this thread.

What I am discussing is whether a wronged spouse is necessarily the most dispassionate source of objective information about that situation. Or, might that person want to harm their ex by gilding the lily a bit? Like, say, conflating infidelity, wrong in itself, with the unsubstantiated charge if fake feminism?

They are two different flaws in character, as I’ve laid out in this thread.

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