Candidates need to win in the districts they run- period. I’ve said it before.

I disagree that the Dems are beholden to corporate and Wall St. What some people want cannot necessarily be achieved

But what you fail to note is why some things can’t be achieved. Let’s take socialized universal healthcare. It’s a no-brainer for a Democrat. It polls above 80%. Hell, 60% of All Americans — even Republicans — say is it the government’s responsibility to provide equitable access to healthcare to the entire population.

This is the easiest lift in the history of political lifts. Everyone wants it. Yet, according to you, and Hillary, it will never, ever come to pass. But why?

Because the fact is that every time someone whispers something nice about single-payer in the halls of Congress, Insurance and Pharma lobbies start raining money down on legislators like a pimp at a strip club.

It’s the money that makes it impossible, not the politics.

When pre-candidate Hillary saw the bankruptcy reform bill, she was so against it, she whipped votes against it herself. When she lost, she button-holed the President to get him to pocket veto the bill. When post-candidate Hillary had the opportunity to vote on substantially the same bill, she voted for it, after taking a boat load of money from the banking industry who happened to profit handsomely from the legislation.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has made a cottage industry of pushing legislation favorable to the payday lending industry. It’s odd how much money the payday lending industry gives to her campaign. So, do you think Debbie is in favor of her constituents being victimized by payday lenders, or do you think she pushes that legislation because the industry pays her to?

Cory Booker and Patty Murray voted against the idea of re-importation of pharma from lower cost countries. Cory and Patty also get a large percentage of their respective warchests from the Pharma industry.

Anthony Rendon has long been a proponent of universal health care. That is, until it became a potential reality. Once there was a bill for Single Payer in California, Rendon killed it, after Insurance and Pharma flooded the California legislature and the Democratic Party in California with record donations. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Democratic lore is full of these turncoats, who sold out policy for money. It is the core principle of the DNC. How much of this crap has to happen before you see the pattern?

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