Sorry, but you are completely incorrect to equate capitalism and technological advances in the…

This is false because ‘work’ is something that is determined by our unfulfilled desires thus as long as we have desires for things and states of being, there will ALWAYS be work to be done.

I think the author is simply suggesting that we’re moving into a moment in technology where it will be faster, easier and cheaper to have the machines do that work. Where business owners would be insane to pay an less productive employee every week when she could by a robot once, and let it work for the foreseeable future.

In that scenario, when virtually the entirety of manufacturing, and much of the number crunching, ordering, accounts payable and receivable, etc. are all done by machines, what, exactly are you looking to those former employees to do?

The obvious solution is entrepreneurship, but as the author states, you need money to start a business. Where does that money come from when a machine operator is no longer needed to operate the machine?

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