I applaud the notion of a UBI.
Chip Daniels

No, it’s about the cost of administering such a program.

Assuming the loss of employment across manufacturing and office work, people will no longer have access to employer provided healthcare. They will need another solution.

ACA would provide subsidies to the people on UBI, but this would quickly overwhelm the system, and in fact, private insurers are not the most efficient means of distributing healthcare. So, we’d eventually have to turn to a universal single payer system.

So, we’re scrapping SSA, Medicare and Medicaid, and replacing them with UBI and Single Payer. the most optimistic of estimates would suggest this doubles the entitlement spending from approx $2T to $4T.

Where are we getting an extra $2T? Especially with the loss of employment as a revenue generator, what with payroll and income taxes that now are no longer paid, where do we get the extra revenue for such a program, assuming we can get over the hurdle of “work ethic”?

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