Of course one has to be part of the politcal system and political process.

No candidate is perfect and one must work with what we have and effect change as able.
I see no evidence that can happen from outside.

Really? You can’t think of a single occasion in which outside pressure effected change on the political class?

Do women have the right to vote?

Do you recall the fight for workers rights that gave you an 8 hour day, a weekend, paid sick leave and vacation time?

Do you remember the Civil Rights Act?

How about the protests against the Vietnam War?

Each of these had a profound impact on our country, and each effected change that would not have been possible within the political system alone. Suffragettes and union organizers and civil rights activists and anti-war protesters were required to come out, en masse and demand that change.

And that is the only way real change ever happens. The people have to show up and demand it.

So, we fundamentally disagree on this issue. Working from the inside, in a political apparatus, might be able to move the highest marginal tax rate from 37 to 38.5%, but it is never going to get us universal health care. The insurance and pharma industry won’t allow it.

But what can get us that change is mass demonstration. The political class has to be convinced that their job is on the line if the people don’t get what is demanded. It’s worked before.

In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.

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