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Since, 12.6% of the population had 34.3(?)% of the cop related deaths, that was clearly racism. That is what you believe, right? Math doesn’t take into consideration actions and feelings.

That’s just the math. If you’re black, you’re 3x more likely to be killed by a cop. If you’re black and unarmed, you’re 5x more likely to be killed by a cop. The study was linked in my original comment. You can go back and find it.

More importantly, according to the same study, the crime statistics of the particular area in which the killing occurred wasn’t a determining factor. According to the study, the only predictive factor to whether or not an unarmed individual was killed by police was whether or not that person was black.

I have not offered a conclusion as to why this is true. I only offered the conclusions of the study. You seem to be taking that personally. I can’t control that. Please go back to the link and read it for yourself.

As for actions and feelings, trained, seasoned police officers should have enough self control to avoid killing unarmed suspects. The present recommendation to the black community to not give police a reason to kill you is contra logical. Why is it that unarmed, untrained black people have to know how to not get shot? Shouldn’t the police, whose charter is to protect and serve, not be killing unarmed people by default, regardless of race?

Shooting people should be a last resort. I’ve seen the video. It’s clearly not a last resort. And in 5x the demographically controlled probability, the victim is a black person.

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