On what should happen if the unthinkable happens

The ‘Unthinkable’, for most people, would be a thermonuclear exchange. That’s unthinkable. And with our new leadership, the probability is getting larger.

So imagine my surprise when I opened this essay, and discovered another Clintonian mental masturbation fantasy piece suggesting that the ‘Unthinkable’ is actually something that Clinton’s die hards spend an unhealthy amount of time daydreaming about — how do we get a do-over?

As you acknowledge, there is no mechanism in the US for invalidating a national election. And Trump, in your eventuality, would be impeached. Maybe. There is no guarantee the feckless Republican majority will ever put country before party, so there is no guarantee even this will drive them to an impeachment vote. But if they did, your daydream regarding Pence, then Ryan, succumbing to some fit of conscience, when they have shown no evidence of being afflicted with such, is yet more proof that Clinton’s small band of sullen devotees refuse to accept reality, and have chosen to substitute their own.

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