I think you didn’t finish reading the piece about media bias in the creation of the myth of an…
Traditional Tradesman

When you are 5x more likely to be killed while unarmed when you are black, the justification the author used for that is irrelevant. An equal number of white and black people have been killed by police while unarmed in the last year for statistics, 2015. But there are 5x the number of white people than black in this society. That means a black person is 5x more likely to be killed by police while unarmed.

The statistics confirmed that the history of crime in the area of the police shooting wasn’t a determining factor in whether the person was unarmed when they were shot. The only determining factor that was predictive was whether the person was black. This suggests, to me, that being black is dangerous, when you’re interacting with police.

And that’s why more of an issue is made of unarmed black people being killed by police. Demographically, it happens far more often. And it shouldn’t.

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