SPOCRA Voting Information and Deadlines

Ron Hill — [DECNT]
4 min readSep 14, 2020


We Are a Fast Moving Community

It’s hard to believe only one month has passed since the conception of SPOCRA (Stake Pool Operator Collective Representation Assembly) during the flurry of activity and massive engagement within the Cardano SPO community. It is truly fantastic to witness and be a part of this talented, diverse, and growing community.


The original post about joining and learning more about SPOCRA can be found at the bottom of this article.

SPOCRA currently has over 100 verified SPOs from all over the world who will elect by voting on the Cardano blockchain 15 candidates from members in a first round vote, for a final ballot in Epoch 221 to elect the 7 board seats.

As of Epoch 217, the total amount of live stake from verified SPOs is ~1.7 billion ADA. That makes 11.5% from 15.1 billion of the total live staked ADA.

Data as of Epoch 217 (9/15/20) UTC 20:00

SPOCRA members communicate around the clock in Discord and share information and ideas via Forum.

We are very quickly nearing the deadline for candidates to submit their proposals to become an elected member of the SPOCRA board. All proposals must be submitted on the #candidate-proposals channel within the SPOCRA discord server by the end of Epoch 217 (9/17/20) — link to discord server below.

Calling All SPOs!

If you are a SPO already active in the Discord server and not yet validated please make sure to go to the #validate-role channel so we can add you to the growing numbers. If you haven’t yet joined the Discord— what are you waiting for?

Head over now to be a part of this quickly growing community and submit your proposal for candidacy if you’d like to be a representative for other stake pool operators!

Below is the information SPO’s need to know about the fast approaching deadlines, the voting rules, and how the voting will work.

Voting Timeline

  • Candidate proposals must be submitted by the end of Epoch 217 (09/17/20) at the SPOCRA discord server, link above.
  • First Round Voting will run from (09/18/20) through (09/28/20) (Epoch 218–219)
  • Second Round Voting will run from (10/2/20) through (10/12/20) (Epoch 220 — 221)

Voting Rules

  1. Each Verified SPO gets 3 votes
  2. SPO’s First Vote is worth 3 points
  3. SPO’s Second Vote is worth 2 points
  4. SPO’s Third Vote is worth 1 point
  5. Votes can not be stacked - For example, a SPO can not vote for the same person with all 3 of their votes
  6. At the end of the first round of voting (9/27/20) the top 15 people with highest point totals advance to the second round of Voting
  7. The second round of voting follows the same rules as the first round
  8. The top 7 point winners will get a seat on the council
  9. 8th and 9th point winners will get the two shadow board seats

Voting Mechanics

  • Voting will be done on chain utilizing the CLI (command line interface) and an arbitrary payment address may be used
  • Validated SPOs will receive one token for each vote and as described above in the rules, there will be (x3) votes per validated SPO operation; each vote will be ranked (3/2/1)
  • The steps on how to vote using the CLI, more information and view voting results are at the following website:

Wondering how to submit the generated JSON to the chain?

Click here for a quick rundown of the process to submit your generated JSON file to the chain as metadata to a transaction.

Address: https://vote.crypto2099.io/how-to/submit-a-metadata-transaction/

Notes on Handling Tie Votes

  • If there is a tie for the top 15 in the first round that would lead to more than 15 people advancing to the second round. This is fine.
  • Ties in the 2nd round will lead to run off votes for the final seats or shadow board seats. This should not hold up from the board starting. Any unresolved seats will be treated as shadow board seats till run off is completed. Run off would open and end Epoch 222.

Voting Results

The voting results can be viewed at vote.crypto2099.io, see example of the test vote results below.

Image of voting proposal results from https://vote.crypto2099.io/

Initial Election Term:

The term for the initial elected board members will be one year.



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