Merchants are the Key to Cryptocurrency Success

Sept 26th, 2017, By: Ron Hughes

If you are running a business and you are sick and tired of the banks being in the middle of every transaction you do then do something about it. Yes you actually can take some positive action!

The banks are sucking the life out of our economies and it is time to put a stop to it. It will take time but it is doable. The solutions lies in the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay so the question is not will it survive but rather, how long will it take to push the banks out of our businesses.

The solution is not rocket science. What it will take is for every business owner who wants to stop being a slave to the banks to start promoting the use of a safe cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency that is stable and liquid. They do exist and later I will provide a link for you to check out. OK, so what do I mean when I say start promoting the use of cryptocurrency? The use of crypto’s is not important just for your customers. The trick is, it is important that you, the vendor/business, also use cryptos. If every vendor/business promotes the acceptance of crypto to their suppliers and staff then we will create a tsunami of acceptance and the savings will be huge!

The problem with the way crypto’s like Bitcoin and many others are used now is that they are being used only as an easy way to transmit payments and then the crypto is immediately redeemed back into cash. By redeeming the crypto instead of using it yourself to pay others we are sustaining the current ‘bank as middleman’ system and putting the banks back into the mix. By redeeming the crypto and then paying others with cash we are costing ourselves money and missing a huge opportunity to double our savings on transactions. Why redeem the crypto for cash at all?

The answer to creating a tsunami of crypto acceptance is to create networks of companies that all pay each other with crypto. That group of crypto trading companies will all save on bank fees as the crypto flows from company to company or to individuals. The aggregate savings in a network of companies doing this is huge. All the money that is saved in bank fees goes directly into the bottom line of the companies where it belongs. It also creates other opportunities. If you (as a business) are able to use the savings on bank and creditcard fees to make yourself more competitive, that is a win.The big companies will eventually get on the bandwagon but in the meantime, smaller businesses or business that are inovative and forward thinking are going to have a big advantage. All you need is for the right cryptocurrency to come along that is stable, safe and designed to be spendable. Let’s assume for an minute that such a currency exists so we can hypothesize on the possibilities.

What are the real advantages of such a (crypto) currency? The big one is that we would no longer need banks! If the crypto is continuously used to pay down the line and never redeemed for cash (maybe except for paying your taxes and other government fees) then what do we need banks for? Cryptocurrency gets traded from wallet to wallet virtually instantly and the transaction processing (computing) costs are insignificant. Imagine a world with no banks sucking profit out of us just by moving money around! Imagine not having to deal with the banks day to day. Your crypto wallet is your bank. You are your own bank! Imagine what you could do with all those bank fees that you saved!

All it will take to create the tsunami of crypto acceptance and relegate the banks to being credit/loan companies is to spread the word. Talk to your business partners and help educate each other about the massive advantages. If even a few of the companies in your network start accepting crypto then the process is begun. Pay it forward was always a great concept!

So what features do we need from a cryptocurrency so that we are totally comfortable with it and we feel safe in accepting it and promoting it to our own business partners?
 — We need to be able to rely on it’s value. It must be tradeable or redeemable for the same value as we accepted it.
 — We must be sure that the assets behind the crypto are proven and imutable.
 — The fees for it’s use must be massively less than the current banking system
 — We need a secure wallet. Remember, the wallet is now our bank!
 — It needs to be on a fast blockchain that can handle large numbers of transactions. No delays on purchases or payments.
If we had all of the above there is only upside!

OK, here is where I admit my bias. I am a co-founder of The Globie is coming and it has all of the above features and more. It also has a growing list of benefits for the spender that do not exist with any other cryptocurrency. The major one is that 1 out of every 400 purchases made with the Globie will be instantly refunded to the spenders wallet. That is millions of times better than your odds with any lottery! Imagine buying and expensive trip and then getting an instant refund! Your trip is free! I know this sounds too good to be true but the math proves that it is not only possible but solid. We are currently focussed on the travel industry but the truth is the Globie is useable for any type of business.

Check out the Globie here.
Click here to view a brief video.

The Globie will launch in 2018 and in the meantime, we are having a pre-token sale for interested investors. It offers a 100% token bonus for participating.