Revenue Marketing is the Future: Why We Built Mesh Analytics

Ron Fisher
4 min readApr 25, 2023

After interviewing hundreds of B2B business leaders, we uncovered a surprising problem. Businesses still don’t have the tools to understand what drives customers to purchase their products because it’s so difficult to track and analyze touchpoints for multiple stakeholders across lengthy sales cycles. This is a problem that, if solved, can unlock tremendous growth for any organization.

Data Unification & Analysis

In recent years, sifting through marketing and sales data to understand what is working and not working across the entire customer journey has become a full-time job — that is, if businesses can even get their data into a clean enough state to analyze in the first place. Most B2B businesses struggle for years, sometimes with entire marketing ops (MOPs) teams, to synthesize their data across the dozens of systems they use. And even when they are successful, the result is a complex data pipeline that data engineers need to manage and endless requests for data that need to be fielded. In fact, marketing operations teams have grown a whopping 66% in the past two years on average, with 57% of MOPs pros struggling with burnout having so much work on their plate (Demandbase). Seriously though, thank you marketing operations teams for all that you do!

Marketers admit that they waste 21% of their marketing budget due to poor data quality and data silos (Forrester). With the explosion of marketing tech systems (an increase in tools of 5,223% since 2011! and the ever-growing list of sales tools at a sales team’s disposal, we’ve moved from organizations not having enough data to having too much data to be able to quickly and easily analyze to make key decisions about driving growth.

What is Revenue Marketing?

A new paradigm for marketing & sales teams.

These days, 68% of customers don’t want to talk to a sales rep when making a purchase. That means your marketing motion is more important than ever as buyers are pushing themselves much further down the funnel without ever speaking to a sales rep for over half the buyer journey! Marketers should no longer think their job stops at MQLs, rather they have the power to impact the bottom line and significantly contribute to every sale.

As founders who have worked in both small and large organizations, we’ve seen firsthand what it looks like for sales and marketing to work together effectively with a unified dataset… and we’ve also seen how detrimental it can be when marketing and sales are playing completely different games. When marketers only focus on the top of the funnel and sales teams don’t coordinate with marketing initiatives, the business is dragged down by the teams optimizing for different metrics, fighting for credit, and doing everything except rallying around the thing that matters — revenue. On the other hand, when marketing and sales are both focused on revenue, both teams can have more meaningful discussions and coordinate on improving the funnel, resulting in much higher conversion rates.

Revenue Marketing is a modern marketing paradigm that centers around tracking all marketing activities down to revenue and therefore enabling that alignment with sales. Its recent rise has proven that when marketing and sales are both focused on revenue, magic happens.

That all sounds great! But it’s not as simple as flipping a switch. Revenue Marketing entails measuring key ROI and pipeline influence metrics, which require accurate multi-touch attribution beyond standard models like first touch, linear, or U-shaped. For that, your team first needs to link all marketing and sales touchpoints to contacts, accounts, and opportunities in a consistent, unified way, before building statistical models to analyze that data (don’t worry, we have a solution for you below).

Revenue Marketing OS

We built Mesh Analytics precisely to solve these problems. Mesh is a Revenue Marketing OS designed for B2B organizations to unify, synthesize and analyze marketing and sales data, at an account level, to understand exactly what has been working and not working at all stages of the funnel. Our mission is to empower marketing and sales with the tools to work hand in glove instead of toe to toe, to help your business flourish!

Don’t succumb to Data Chaos.

B2B businesses shouldn’t be drowning in Excel documents, clunky dashboards, and complex SQL requests. With improvements in APIs, advancements in AI, and the increased need to align B2B marketing and sales teams, now is the time for teams to adopt a revenue marketing OS.

Get the insights you need quickly with Mesh.

Get up and running quickly with one-click integrations to unify and synthesize your marketing and sales data, and immediately understand ROI, influenced pipeline, and revenue contributions for all your motions, so you can set up the framework you need to thrive.

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Ron Fisher

Ron is the CEO & Co-founder of Mesh Analytics, a Y-Combinator backed revenue analytics & attribution platform for B2B businesses.