How I almost fell for an IRS phishing scam
Marc Hemeon

A hand full of people got that same scam at the office I’ve been working out of — mostly designers, they are out to get our money ;) But I didn’t know this when I got the call.

I freelanced for a lot of years and worked to get my taxes right after stupid earlier years. So it seemed totally possible there could be an issues. I first listened to a voicemail which was real enough for me to call them back.

My called back ended much quicker. When I called the number back I didn’t give them my name. I asked for their name and how I knew they were with the IRS. The person speaking with me jumped right to “You don’t want the cops to come to your house to arrest you do you! The cops are going to arrest you. I need your name.”

I thought that escalated very quickly. So I laughed and said thanks for trying and hung up. Had the person been slower and more reasonable maybe they would have played me longer.

I shared this with the team members around me and they then share that a hand full of others in the office had gotten the call.

Thanks for sharing!

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