Yesterday, I was speaking with a client. Her husband is suffering from a ton of physical ailments. Arthritis primarily, but multiple ailments that have him searching for answers. He does not like taking medication but this is the only thing that seems to help.

“For what it’s worth”, I said, “I stopped eating processed foods, hormone injected meats, milk and grains, and the swelling in my hands and feet has all but disappeared”. She said, “I will suggest it to him, but, he’s stubborn”.

I totally get it, I am stubborn too. What I would suggest is this; take your stubbornness and turn it towards something positive. Be stubborn about your prayer life, be stubborn about your diet, be stubborn about your workout regiment, be stubborn about giving away your money.

You see, we can turn what we view as a negative about ourselves and turn it towards the good. It’s not always bad to be stubborn.