Journalists as Celebrities

When Taylor Swift told me to buy Covergirl foundation, I did. To me, the recent trend in journalists driving people to their organization is not dissimilar to this. I can see a lot of problems occurring when an audience reads one columnist instead of the publication. They are receiving the words of one person with one viewpoint. If the journalist is completely objective, this isn’t a problem. However, this seems so rarely the case to me. If the audience puts all of their trust in one journalist, it is even more important the news is reported accurately without bias. That’s a lot of pressure on one person. Think of situations like NBC after the Brian Williams scandal or the Washington Post after Ezra Klein formed Vox. What happens if a news organizations poster child falls from grace or leaves? Any audience member who was there for only one reporter has now abandoned the organization.

Yes, journalist still matter. However, we should not be our organization’s spokesperson. It is up to audience members to consume news responsibly from multiple journalists and multiple organizations.

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