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Designlab assignment

Whether you realize it or not, iconography is everywhere — and it makes reading and understanding signs exponentially quicker and easier. With the addition of a well selected image, people are able to get the gist of a sign almost immediately. On a mandated stroll through my neighborhood for this Designlab assignment, I encountered iconography IRL — and was able to appreciate the simple yet powerful gift of icons and symbols.

There was a sign in the bushes that let the public know not to drink the water from the sprinklers. There was a sign informing me of the possibilities…


Yelp is one of the most useful websites on the internet — well, to me it is at least. It aggregates crowd-sourced user reviews about different businesses and establishments and makes them available for anyone to search and review. Users are encouraged to upload images of the products, services, and experience, and also give in an overall rating of an establishment.


The structural design of allows users to complete its most basic task: search. Yelp is interesting in that it doesn’t push the user to log in or become member in order to use its services. Its…

Product: Gmail

I am admittedly an email-junkie. It’s hands down my preferred mode of communication when it comes to communication. The reasons why I enjoy email, most specifically GMail, is because you have options — you can take as long or as short as you like to craft an email, you can use the text editor to format parts of your email, you can add attachments, insert media, send to individuals, or groups, or BCC people — the options are there at your disposal.


The usability of GMail for both the desktop and mobile version rank highly for me. …

A good product in its most basic form provides a benefit or solution to a user. A great product goes beyond simply providing a benefit or solution — it’s also thought out from beginning to end, and has taken into consideration elements like: audience, location, trends, design, colors, marketing, etc. …


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