Traffic Quality Index: Advance measurement & Machine Learning to solve the age-old problem in marketing optimization

Quantity vs Quality of your campaign strategies

It is a topic of daily discussion among us, be it over a coffee with a colleague or over a discussion while reviewing the latest performance report — How to increase traffic volume & increase conversions while keeping the cost down.

Quality of Traffic: Philosophy, hypothesis & solution

Keeping user experience as the core of our marketing philosophy is very important. Google is very clear and transparent about it and so are many other internet giants. It is also reflected in a lot of their recent updates and product roll outs. If we look at latest Google search updates in 2020 — it shouts loud about their focus on user experience. Neil Patel covers this very nicely in this short video.

  1. Keeping onsite journey crisp and clear
Traffic Quality Index (TQI) by (
Traffic Quality Index (TQI)

How can Traffic quality measurement help in marketing optimization?

Let’s break down our marketing funnel by taking a simple example. In a typical scenario, the marketing team will have an omnichannel strategy, focused on Natural search & affiliates while running PPC & Display ads, to reach the audience. Out of all others, these are likely to be 4 main channels for a business unit, marketing a category within a brand.

Quality of Traffic from various sources using flowstream ( — campaign and channel optimization.
Traffic from various sources to assets and landing pages

Go Granular Go Precise:

In the sample scenario above, the team could have 2000 different sources, if we look at the end to end combination of the campaign to creative. Typically, the team breaks down the funnel by different sources and look at the CPA along with conversion rates to find out the right sources. But this is what limits their ability because they can take a call only after looking at the final conversion rates.



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